Space law traditionally forms part of the general course of public international law, which is a compulsory subject at Austrian law faculties. However, due to time constraints usually only rather rudimentary insights can be provided in the main curriculum. Space law, therefore, is offered as a field of specialisation in dedicated courses or seminars, and may be chosen for diploma or PhD theses.


At the University of Vienna, two optional courses on space law are offered every year: “General Legal Framework of the Use of Outer Space Technologies” and “Special Legal Issues of the Use of Outer Space Technologies”. These courses are recognised in the framework of the Elective Fields of Specialisation “Law of International Relations” and “Law of Technology”. The aim of these courses is to give interested students an introduction to space law-related issues and to provide insights into recent developments in the field of space law. Guest lecturers are invited on a regular basis. Study trips to the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) offer students with insights into practice.


At the University of Graz a seminar on Space Law and Space Policy is offered every year.