ESA/ECSL Executive Course on Space Law and Regulations

While the ECSL Summer Course is mainly targeted at students, the Executive Course delivers a high-quality and tailor-made course for government representatives and industry professionals, with a strong focus on the practical aspects of the legal dimensions relevant for regulating and conducting space activities. The Executive Course is organised together with ESA's Legal Services Department and greatly benefits from their extensive expertise in dealing with regulations relevant for space missions. In addition, the course features technical and legal experts from other ESA departments and external experts.

At the 2021 ESA/ECSL Executive Course, Professor Irmgard Marboe delivered a presentation on national space legislation. Focussing on the Austrian Outer Space Act (2011) and the Austrian Outer Space Regulation (2015), the presentation first outlined the background and content of these legislative acts before illustrating past and future implementations in practice. The presentation can be found here.

An in-depth report on the 2021 ESA/ECSL Executive Course can be found here

More information on the ESA/ECSL Executive Course can be found on the ECSL website.